Having worked with families and individuals for decades to build their custom dream homes, we at Merle Inc. are no strangers to the idea that watching your budget is a truly calculated endeavor.

Here are three easy tips we’d like to pass on to you — ways that we have seen help make the process a bit more comfortable and confidence-boosting.

  1. Make decisions in advance: There are hundreds of decisions to make throughout the custom home building process. From the style of your garage door to the light fixtures in the bathroom, you’ll be challenged to make decisions in a timely manner. As you get further into the process and learn more about custom building, you may be inclined to question your decisions and change your mind. This will delay your production schedule and ultimately cost you money. By making decisions upfront and sticking to them, you can help your project stay on time and budget!
  2. Consider alternative storage options: One of the most expensive rooms in your house is the kitchen. Appliances, countertops and cabinetry can quickly add up. An easy solution to reduce costs while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere is to consider alternative storage solutions. You can dramatically reduce costs by forgoing upper cabinets and opting for open shelving instead. Worried about space? A well-placed pantry is the perfect and affordable solution!
    (Added bonus: are you planning on renting your home? Pantries can easily be locked to secure your small appliances and personal belongings).
Modern attractive kitchen

Strategic Storage

3. Utilize mixed use space: Rooms and square footage added to your dream home design will dramatically increase overall production cost. Consider designing a mixed-use space that can be easily transformed to meet your needs. A simple solution could be to include a stylistic murphy bed in an office to create additional space for guests. Another option is to consider a sleeper sofa in a media room to comfortably accommodate all your family and friends!