From the moment you open the front door, a feeling of spaciousness, light and nature envelop you. Walls of floor-to-ceiling windows allow inhabitants to see through the house to the outdoors, capitalizing on encircling views.

The chief aim of Mountain Modern design is to connect home and homeowner to the surrounding environment in a seamless integration of indoor and outdoor space. Mountain Modern architecture brings together topography and landscape into the core design of the home. Flat, low pitch roofs keep the focus on sweeping mountain and forest views. “See-through” houses further simplify and amplify these views from the interior.

Light is a key feature in any Mountain Modern home. Large, full lite windows flood the interior space in light and deliver expansive views. These open interiors transition seamlessly to outdoor living spaces. Uncluttered layouts, clean lines and neutral colors bring the focus to nature.

Texture plays a pivotal role in Mountain Modern design. Rather than relying on bold, dark colors like it’s rustic counterpart to fill a space, Mountain Modern design emphasizes the use and placement of distinct building materials. A neutral color palette compliments the natural beauty of textures like rough timber, flat steel, chunky stone, polished concrete and smooth glass. These building materials become part of the home’s decor.

Mountain Modern architecture impacts first impressions. A well designed Mountain Modern home ties the front of the house to the back, draws the outdoors in, and ultimately makes the home appear larger.

A breezeway encased in glass connects the outdoors to the indoors